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I was born in 1950 in Bakersfield California. I am often amazed at how the world has changed over the years. Staggering increases in population and changes in our environment have put pressure on our planet and humanity that have altered the way we look at, and live, life.

Certainly, the classical guitar world has changed. When I started building guitars in the mid-seventies there were just a handful of makers, and many of them, like Kohno and Ramirez, were factories. Now, new builders are popping up everywhere. This has put increasing pressure on the supply chain of materials for the guitar. Some luthiers and dealers are having their guitars made in factories in China or Korea or Spain. I believe that a truly great classical guitar has to be made by hand. The tolerances that determine the quality of an instrument are narrow, and difficult to achieve. It requires skill and understanding.

At the same time, there is a mystery to it all. If you have five guitars built to the same specifications, one of them is going to be your favorite. Tom Humphrey once told me that the quality of a guitar is determined 95% by design, and 5% craftsmanship. But I would argue that it takes 100% craftsmanship to achieve your design goals. That is my mission: to build the highest quality guitars possible.

I put the same effort into every guitar that I make. I don’t hold back. I’ve built more than 500 guitars. They are all concert guitars. Over forty plus years I’ve developed a deep understanding of the classical guitar, and I want to share it with you.

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