Andrew York

David Daily and Andrew York

Andy and I have been friends for many years. We first met at The National Guitar Summer Workshop in Connecticut in the early nineties. He was there giving classes on jazz improvisation on the classical guitar. Scott Tenant had encouraged me to attend and told me to make sure to meet Andy. We had a great time hanging out. Not long after that I hosted him at my house here in Sparks and showed him my guitars. Shortly thereafter I sent him his first Daily.

→ He now owns six Dailys and has ordered a seventh


Recorded on an Indian & Redwood Daily Guitar

I attended the recording sessions for both Yamour and for Equations of Beauty/Home. These are really busy times, but also a great hang. It is really enjoyable to be with so many extraordinarily talented people. Equations of Beauty was recorded on “The concert guitar”. Home was recorded on the redwood and Indian rosewood guitar.

Equations of Beauty

Recorded on a Brazilian & Cedar Daily Guitar

Andrew York’s Testimonial about Daily Guitars