Andrew York’s Daily Guitars

Andy’s first Daily was  a cedar and Brazilian/coco bolo guitar with a three piece back.  He used this guitar on several LAGQ CDs and it was his main ax for a number of years.  He recorded the Bach piece on Yamour with this guitar.

Andy continued buying guitars from me.  He has a Torres copy, Indian and spruce. He told me that he has used this guitar for composing.

He has a redwood and Indian rosewood guitar which was the only guitar he used on his CD Centerpeace.  He used it to record “Home” and “Shine” on his CD “Home”. He has told me several times that this is his favorite Daily.  He doesn’t tour with it because he doesn’t want to put the guitar at risk.  You can tell this guitar by the abalone on the tie block on the bridge, and it has a 20th fret.

He has an Indian rosewood and spruce Daily as well.  It has a red rosette. This guitar was built with a pickup in it for playing large venues for another artist who declined to accept it.  Andy liked it, however, and used it extensively for International Guitar Night performances.  You can hear it on the CD of the same name.  Andy also played this guitar for his appearance at Primal Twang and you can see videos of it on YouTube.  (Andrew York plays Sunburst, Jubilation)  Andy told me that Scott played this guitar at Andy’s wedding.

His most recent purchase is a Brazilian and Spruce Daily.

That brings us to the guitar Andy calls “The Concert Guitar”. I delivered it in 2006. It is made of cedar and Brazilian rosewood. This is his “go to” guitar for concertizing. The pictures on the right are of this guitar. He recorded all of “Equations of Beauty” with it.

Andy’s Sitka & Brazilian Daily Guitar
Andy’s “The Concert Guitar”