Artists & Sounds


Below are some sound samples from artists playing on Daily Guitars.


“Call” Two Pieces by Andrew York

“Skerries” Two Pieces by Andrew York

“The guitar Andrew York plays on these two tracks is my current model.” – David S. Daily¬†Summer/Winter 2007

CA Breeze Dai Kimura & Andrew York

“Letting Go” played by Andrew York

California Breeze

Andy plays “Letting Go” and a number of other pieces solo on this CD. It has not been distributed in this country. Andy told me he used all five of his Dailys working on the CD. He can’t remember which of the guitars he recorded “Letting Go” on. A mutual friend is sure it is a spruce guitar but I remain unconvinced. (See the pictures of Andy’s new Daily in the photo gallery).

“Blue in Green” Permanent Transition by Matthew Grief

Permanent Transistion

Recorded in 1996. Matt was using a 1990 spruce and Brazilian rosewood Daily. My early guitars were good too! I love this piece. “Blue in Green” was written by one of my favorites, Miles Davis, and appeared on “Kind Of Blue” with all the lads–Coltrane, Adderly, Evans……This is great performance by Matt. It’s obvious he deserves the success that has come to him as the newest member of LAGQ.

Ernesto Tamayo Plays Bach

“Fugue” Ernesto Tamayo Plays Bach

Ernesto Tamayo plays Bach

This was recorded on a 1995 Brazilian rosewood and spruce Daily. It has some of the most beautiful sound and virtuoso playing I have ever heard. We’ve worn this out at Christmas. I have picked out a couple of my favorite tracks. Tragically Ernesto passed away October 17, 2014 at the age of 43 (OBIT)


Here are some recordings of Featured Artists who used a Daily Guitar on the album.

Alieksey Vianna Plays Sergio Assad
Andrew York - Home
Andrew York - The Equations Of Beauty
Andrew York - Yamour
Los Angeles Guitar Quartet - Air & Ground


Los Angeles Guitar Quartet - Spin


Los Angeles Guitar Quartet - Latin


Los Angeles Guitar Quartet - Guitar Heroes


Adam Sarata - Cavata
Scott Sanchez - Preludio
David Ellis - Omaggio espressivo
Ernesto Tamayo - Melodias Cubanas
International Guitar Night
Matthew Nathan Greif - El Encanto
Ernesto Tamayo - The Cuban Guitarist
Ernesto Tamayo - El Poema De La Rosa
Ernesto Tamayo - Classical Persuasions
Jamey Bellizzi - Calabria


David Ellis - Canto for Guitar


Watch some artists playing on Daily Guitars.

Joe Lopiccolo – For Egberto

Michael Roberts – Red

The L.A. Guitar Quartet – Lotus Eaters

Andrew York plays Sunburst, Jubilation

Andrew York – Woven World

Andrew York – Squares Suspended

Andrew York – Letting Go

Ernesto Tamayo plays Bach BWV1007 Prelude

Alieksey Vianna plays Aquarelle by Sergio Assad

Evan Hirschelman – Homage to Michael Hedges

Evan Hirschelman – Textures